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Our newest shirt to release from us here at Civilized And Savage is the Healing 4 Heroes Colab tee. Printed on the same tri blend material as all of our other tee shirts. This shirt looks great, reminds you of the Japanese Sun, but still patriotic enough to bring out the true 'Merican Savage in you with the Healing 4 Heros logo on the sleeve! We are donating 10% of each shirt sold to the non profit, so look like a savage while helping out our vets that do so much for our great country!
About Healing 4 Heroes: Healing4Heroes™ helps our military personnel and veterans move forward after being wounded both physically and/or mentally with the assistance of service animals. Healing4Heroes™ also saves the lives of unwanted shelter dogs by rescuing them and training them to become fully trained, A.D.A. complaint service animals. These dogs allow our soldiers to move forward and live more productive lives by allowing them to deal more effectively with their traumas and giving them the confidence and security to start to heal. At the same time, our veterans give these dogs a purpose in life and the chance to be loved and part of a family. The bond that develops between veteran and dog is one of a kind and each is saving the other. The dogs and training are provided free of charge to each veteran and cost our organization about $6000. Each veteran is directly involved in the training of their service dog, cementing that bond and starting the path of healing for vet and pet. Your donations make this possible!